Machine Maintenance Service

General maintenance

All Clairderm Medical Aesthetics equipment is sold with a comprehensive training manual. This incorporates detailed information about servicing, machine safety, warranty and installation together with preventative maintenance and maintenance tips. It’s important that these guidelines are adhered to.

Service frequency

Clairderm equipment systems are developed with quality and longevity in mind. However, just like a car, they should be serviced from time-to-time to ensure that they are working at optimum function and performance. To determine the service frequency for your machine, consult the service frequency guidelines highlighted in the training manual or contact the head office on 1300 781 239.

Qualified service technician

Only a licensed and authorized technician, as approved by Clairderm Medical Aesthetics, is qualified to service the equipment supplied by Clairderm Medical Aesthetics. Therefore, it’s highly recommended that all services, repairs and works are completed by our qualified technicians at the Clairderm factory. Any service, repair or works done by any technician, other than a technician approved by Clairderm Medical Aesthetics, is not covered under warranty and will void your equipment’s warranty.

Your equipment is your business's biggest profit generating asset so it’s important that it keeps generating income on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, in the past there have been cases where Clairderm equipment has been damaged as a result of unauthorized technicians attempting to repair it. This has just cost the clinic additional money to fix the damage and get the machine back to full working order.

How to organise a service

We handle services for machines all over Australia. Contact the head office of Clairderm Medical Aesthetics and speak to the friendly staff. They will talk you through the easy process of organising a service and can advise you about turnaround times, prices, freight quotes as well as the collection of your machine. We’ve simplified the process so that you can stay focussed on your business and have your machine serviced stress-free.

Loan Machines

Can’t be without your machine? If you are servicing a microdermabrasion machine why not request a loan machine! These are available for our customers to loan free of charge. We do however ask you to pay the freight charges for this service.

The process is very simple and stress free as a courier will deliver a loan micro to you. All you do is pack your machine in the loan machine box call us and we will arrange for the courier to collect it from you and deliver it to Clairderm for servicing. This will ensure that you can continue business as usual, with no downtime and rescheduling of appointments, when your machine is being serviced.

Speak to the friendly staff at Clairderm Medical Aesthetics for more details of our loan machine service. Phone (toll free): 1300 781 239, (local) 07 5539 6868 or Email: