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Proudly Australian Made Clairderm AquaRenew Hydrabrasion, the professional’s choice, is the latest in aesthetic technology to offer two modalities, diamond tip and hydrabrasion, in one machine to polish, refine and hydrate the skin in the one treatment.This gives the clinician complete flexibility and the ability to customise treatments to suit the client.
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Hydrabrasion Explained

For best results, dry diamond dermabrasion is performed first, followed by the hydration burst treatment with fine skin polishing. Clairderm diamond microdermabrasion modality is less abrasive than crystal microdermabrasion. It’s a non-invasive, gentle process whereby a diamond tip, which is a metal head infused with diamond bits, is moved across the skin’s surface. This mechanically exfoliates layers of dead and damaged skin cells, like sandpapering. Different diamond head sizes & grits are available to customise treatments. The aid of vacuum suction keeps the skin taut against the diamond tip, removes dead skin cells, brings oxygenated blood to the surface to begin the collagen stimulation processes and promotes better lymphatic drainage. This result is a polished fresh, exfoliated skin with increased cellular function and renewal.

Hydrabrasion is the latest in aesthetic technology to polish, refine and hydrate the skin in one treatment. Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cell build-up on the skin surface exposing new skin. This is a lot more porous and can better absorb the moisture from the water. Hydrabrasion further cleanses the skin leaving it soothed and hydrated while the polishing tip gives it additional radiance and smoothness.

Hydrabrasion Step 1

  • Dry diamond microdermabrasion treatment performed using dry diamond tip (No water)
  • Diamond head abrades & mechanically exfoliates layers of dead & damaged skin cells
  • Vacuum suction promotes lymphatic drainage & removes abraded skin particles
  • Procedure stimulates collagen production
  • Skin left polished feeling smoother, firmer & with a course of treatments, blemish free

Hydrabrasion Step 2

  • Hydrabrasion uses the same grit diamond tip used for the dry diamond or a finer grit diamond tip for refined skin polishing
  • Water is applied when the “Water Release Lever” is pulled down to release water
  • Procedure hydrates & soothes the skin
  • Skin left polished feeling hydrated, smoother, radiant & with a course of treatments, blemish free
Diamond & Hydra Microdermabrasion
  • Advanced non-surgical solution recommended for skin rejuvenation
  • Acne
  • Scarring
  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-inflammatory & skin calming
  • Resurfacing
  • Resurfacing
  • Pigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin hydration

  1. Who can be treated?
    • The procedure can be customised for individual skin concerns.
  2. How long will it take?
    • It should take around 40-50 minutes depending on post treatment procedures.
    • It can be scheduled in between working hours without any inconvenience or immobilisation.
    • On completion you can apply light make-up.
  3. How will it feel on my skin?
    • The procedure is comfortable, quick, simple & safe.
    • Any slight redness that may be experienced, depending on the strength of the procedure chosen, should fade within one to twenty-four hours.
    • Many customers enjoy the hydrabrasion part of the procedure as it is soothing, cooling and leaves the skin feeling soft and dewy to the touch.
  4. What benefits can I expect after having a Clairderm AquaRenew Hydrabrasion?
    • The combination of skin exfoliation with slight suction stimulates the production of new, living cells at the base level of the skin. This results in healthier, fresher skin with enhanced elasticity and texture.
    • The addition of water in the treatment provides increased hydration and radiance to the skin. It’s particularly useful in the case of dehydrated skin.
    • Over the series of treatments, the patient should notice a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, tightening of enlarged pores, elimination of blackheads and whiteheads, a reduction of blemishes caused by sun damage and an increased hydration and softening of the skin.
  5. How many treatments will I need?
    • This will greatly depend on what skin conditions are being treated, but generally for the best results, 4-6 treatments are recommended.
    • To ensure results are maintained, it’s recommended that the therapy is repeated monthly.
  6. Why use this device for the treatment?
    • Clairderm AquaRenew uses 2 technologies in 1 system with no compromise on efficacy and patient results.
    • It focuses on safety, hygiene, comfort and flexibility.
    • Unlike conventional diamond microdermabrasion or hydrabrasion systems, Clairderm AquaRenew allows the practitioner the flexibility of offering either a gentle or a more powerful procedure.
    • It combines the industry’s highest standard for quality, hygiene with superior skin results.
Treatment Precautions

Due to the use of inert materials, like inox-steel for mechanical parts and diamond tips, allergy cases are quite rare. It’s recommended that the patient refrains from any invasive procedures prior to having a Clairderm AquaRenew procedure unless advised by a practitioner. The following additional precaution should also be noted:

  • Waxing is not recommended 2 days prior to or for at least 7 days after the Clairderm AquaRenew procedure.
  • We strongly advise against using sun beds and swimming in heavily chlorinated water or salt water for at least 1 week after the last Clairderm AquaRenew procedure has been performed.
  • Diamond microdermabrasion and hydrabrasion are not recommended for specific skin conditions outlined in the products detailed training guide.
Treatment Procedure

The best results are achieved with a series of treatments. The skin’s renewal cycle is 4 weeks. Therefore optimum, long-lasting results are obtained over a series of 4 - 8 sessions, about 7-10 days apart and no longer than 14 days. (The skin needs time to regenerate between sessions. This is client dependant.) Each treatment exfoliates the stratum corneum, encourages cell turnover in the basal layer of the epidermis and stimulates collagen production in the dermis. In addition, the vacuum stimulates blood flow and lymphatic drainage as well as cell regeneration.

  • Gently cleanse to remove makeup, dirt & impurities
  • Wash cleanser off & pat dry

  • Perform a dry diamond microdermabrasion by selecting the vacuum mode and appropriate diamond tip and pressure
  • Follow the directional instructions (One pass)
  • Perform “clean” procedure & deactivate pump

  • Select appropriate diamond tip and pressure for your client
  • Select vacuum mode, activate water & perform hydrabrasion
  • Perform “Clean” procedure & deactivate pump
  • Tip out waste water

  • Customize the post procedure treatment to suit your salon and client
  • These include applying, hydrating, regenerating serums; vitamin treatments; nourishing, hydrating masks; massages; moisturisers; LED light therapy treatment
  • Apply Clairderm SPF50+, Broad Spectrum, Moisturising Daily Defence Sunscreen Lotion (CD40503)
Outstanding Results

Results can be seen immediately! After your first treatment the skin feels smoother, softer, hydrated and more radiant. After the third treatment the skin is visibly glowing and improvements in skin condition start to be seen. There is no “healing time”, no need to hide away for days or weeks before returning to your normal lifestyle. For optimal long-lasting results we highly recommend the use of nourishing skin care including BeautyMed, Clairderm and LED phototherapy with either the PhotonSmart Advanced LED Phototherapy or PhotonLite Diamond LED system. Always apply Clairderm SPF50+, Broad Spectrum, Moisturising Daily Defence Sunscreen Lotion before exposure to the sun.


Subject presented with dull, dehydrated skin that had fine lines, wrinkles & some pigmentation.

  • Treatment: 1x diamond dermabrasion & hydrabrasion treatment.
  • Results: Skin was brighter & hydrated. Helped to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.
Post Treatment Care

Clairderm diamond and hydrabrasion increases microcirculation, brings nutrients to the skin’s surface, greatly improves the appearance of all imperfections and increases the penetration of creams and serums by around 4-5 times. To optimise results, post procedure, it’s essential that the skin is not exposed to direct sunlight and that a strict maintenance program is followed using a professional cosmeceutical skin care range such as BeautyMed or Clairderm Cosmeceuticals.

  • Apply a SPF50+ sunscreen like Clairderm SPF50+ Broad Spectrum, Moisturising Daily Defence Sunscreen Lotion
  • Cleanse with a pH balancing cleanser like Clairderm Gentle Purifying Cleanser
  • Apply a quality range of regenerating, hydrating and nutritive creams and serums.
  • Avoid skin care, make-up and perfume products with harsh chemical ingredients particularly in the 3-4 days following treatment as the skin does not have its usual strong barrier against these ingredients.
Clairderm AquaRenew Hydrabrasion Machines – The Professionals Choice

Clairderm AquaRenew Hydrabrasion uses 2 technologies in 1, with no compromise on efficacy and patient results. It focuses on safety, hygiene, comfort and flexibility. Unlike conventional hydrabrasion machines, Clairderm AquaRenew allows the practitioner the flexibility of offering either a gentle or a more powerful procedure. It combines the industry’s highest standard for hygiene with superior skin results.

isposable, single use diamond tips now available

  • Sterile: UVGI (Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation) the short-wavelength ultraviolet light deactivates micro-organisms to destroy nucleic acids and disrupt                 DNA leaving them incapable of performing vital cellular functions.
  • Safety, Hygiene & convenience:Tips are constructed from medical grade stainless steel and plastic.
  • Single use only.
  • Ready to use: No need to disinfect by autoclave, enzymatic cleaner and/or other disinfectants.
  • Range of Tip Grade Options- Extra Course-80 grit, Course-100 grit, Medium-150 grit and Fine-200 grit.
  • Customised handpiece: A new handpiece is required. The disposable tips are inserted easily into the handpiece and the interchange between the disposable diamond tip handpiece and the reusable diamond tip handpiece is simple.

Flexibility-2 Technologies in 1

Clairderm AquaRenew uses 2 technologies in 1, with no compromise on efficacy and patient results. This enables the clinician to customise treatments to suit a range of clients and optimise the treatment menu.

  • Diamond & Hydra in one machine gives the clinician complete flexibility to offer a range of treatment options from gentle hydrabrasion to more powerful diamond microdermabrasion
  • No compromise on efficacy & results
  • Add vitamin solutions or water-soluble serums to water for vitamin/serum infusion treatment
  • A range of diamond tips, varying in size and grits, ensure the best results are achieved for specific client needs
Non-invasive, safe & hygienic

Clairderm AquaRenew has been designed to ensure optimal safety and hygiene.

  • Painless & comfortable treatment without inconvenience or immobilization
  • Minimal recovery time. Any redness should fade within 1-24 hours
  • Hygienic 2 closed-loop system ensures no cross contamination of dirty and new solution
  • Closed vacuum system contains solutions to treatment area to minimise mess and enables quick and safe removal of solution, debris and dead skin cells
  • Diamond tips are sterilizable and autoclavable for additional hygiene measures
Ergonomic design

The equipment offers advanced ergonomic features that enables it to be moved easily from room to room and this makes a huge difference to the equipment’s ease of use and performance.

  • Stylish, slimline design - fits anywhere!
  • Lightweight-ideal for mobile salons
Affordable, advanced & reliable equipment solutions for your business

Ongoing research and development ensure that Clairderm Medical Aesthetics keeps Australian salons at the forefront of aesthetic treatments. The company is committed to driving business success. Clinics can rely on them to provide comprehensive training and after sales service as well as equipment that uses the most advanced and reliable technologies that deliver the best consumer outcomes consistently.

  • Proudly Australian made with a 2-year warranty
  • Powerful medical grade pump
  • Easy switch between dry diamond microdermabrasion and hydrabrasion modes
  • Constructed from the highest quality components to guarantee optimum performance and durability
  • Clear & easy-to-read touchscreen interface
  • Full training and after sales service provided with every machine
  • Easy finance options available
  • Optional attachments available to increase treatment menu services
  • LED Attachment Kit (includes 3 colour panels):
  • Blue: May help reduce acne causing bacteria
  • Green: May assist with pigmentation and reducing erythema
  • Red: May assist and improve cellular renewal and rejuvenation
SpecificationSpecification Detail
Origin:Proudly Made in Australia by Clairderm Medical Aesthetics
Modes:Diamond microdermabrasion + Hydrabrasion capability
Warranty:2 years
Pump:Powerful medical grade pump
User Interface:Clear, easy to read touchscreen interface
Vacuum System:Hygienic closed loop vacuum systems ensures no cross contamination of new & dirty solution
Dimensions:430X357X350 mm
Weight:7.8 Kg
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