Clairderm Skin Analyser

The Clairderm Skin Analyser uses the latest technology to enable skin specialists to effectively engage with clients, demonstrate their knowledge, expertise and confidently recommend an effective skin management plan that really works. It’s packed with features and benefits: Superior skin analysis, In-depth diagnosis, Comparative analysis, Effective treatment recommendations, Fast & efficient, Comprehensive skin management system.
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Skin Analysis explained
The consultation process is as important as the treatment, and understanding your client’s skin is the key to developing an effective skin management plan that they can see is working. It’s critical to address individual skin concerns to repair the past, treat the present and protect the future. This can only be achieved if the overall health of the skin, both inside and out, is completely understood. The skin is much more complex than what can be seen with the naked eye, and the surface appearance of the skin only tells half the story. It’s what the eyes can’t see that we also need to be concerned about. Many skin conditions that negatively impact the future health and beauty of the skin originate from the deeper, invisible layers of the complexion. Clairderm Skin Analysis system uses a high quality 1500W camera and lens to scan skin in 3 different spectrums, analysing both epidermis and dermis layers. In addition, it diagnoses 10 different skin conditions and recommends a customised treatment plan that addresses individual skin concerns.
RGB pores, spot and wrinkle spectrums scan the skin and diagnose epidermal skin conditions